Science can also benefit from its partnership with hockey in that it allows for technological advancements

Hockey might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of scientific research, but this popular sport actually has quite a lot in common with science. Both disciplines require dedication, teamwork, and the drive to constantly improve their respective fields. Over the years, hockey has benefited Continue Reading

With subjects such as collisions between players and the aerodynamics of the slap shot, hockey offers up a myriad of scientific discoveries

Ice hockey has long been regarded as one of the most thrilling and high-paced sports, attracting millions of fans throughout the world. But for those who are impassioned by both hockey and science, the sport offers much more than just entertainment. Behind every powerful slap shot, every strategic play, and Continue Reading

From the physics of ice to the biomechanics of skating, hockey provides an unparalleled opportunity for scientists to look into the game

Have you ever marveled at the speed and precision of your favorite hockey player as they glide effortlessly across the ice and thought to yourself, “how do they do that?” Well, while we may not all possess the athletic prowess required to skate circles around professional players, there is an Continue Reading